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Jan. 31st, 2008 09:51 am
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Well We're officially in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple in Bladestorm now. I'm one of the first 24 people in the guild to get attuned for both. :) Its exciting, and I know the progression through these places aren't going to be easy, but I love the challenge.

I miss my Jess and Dani though, damn school for being too much this semester. I really hope you two come back. Vira is level 62 now, and the lower half of her body looks as though a frog puked on her (Ugly green pants).

We Raided Org the other night and the server crashed, 6 differernt alliance guilds went crazy. But all the servers were crashing so It wasn't our unusually high number of people standing in Thrall's throneroom that caused the crash.

Also, strangely enough, my level 62 priest is now attuned to BWL and ONY, but not Molten Core. I'm thoroughly amused because it took a whole 4 hours to get attuned to both. Why I did it? Because I want a Tier 2 helm for her for no particular reason, and my prot pally friend wants a Quel Serrar.

That and I've never seen BWL on any character.

I gots a new video card, so now my paladin is super shiny.

Old video Card

New video card

mmmm love the shiny.

Non WoW Related: Four Feathers is an awesome movie.


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