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Ok I usually don't put stuff like this in my livejournal.

I wanted to know how my Canadian friends feel about this turn of events though?!

Ok, I don't really know much about Canadian Politics but yeesh after reading this article it just doesnt seem right.

They put in a vote of no confidence to a Prime Minister who according to the way I read the article had no part in the scandal that prompted the Vote.

With the economy going as well as it is for Canada (According to the article), why would you do such a thing to your leader.

Though I'm sure it had its opponents he supported a bill that passed allowing for Gay Marriage, which I think is a wonderful step but I can see how this would upset conservatives. He refused to support the US in its military action against Iraq which is something else I agree with. What I am unsure of is when the campaigning is underway will he be able to run again, and if he wins will the Conservative party try to do this again? I just read last week where he came to an agreement with the Native peoples and the Inuits on a billion dollar support porject to help them rebuild there lives and support there advancement. An attempt by him to recognize what displacement of these people has done to them, suicide rates among them are huge, also education levels are low.

I guess from my personal point of view this man is a successful leader, yet he is being pushed out of office.

Are there other reasons that I have missed. Come on guys help me out here!!!!


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