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I finally finished the drawing, I'm selling the original on eBay Here.

I'm really proud of it, it took about 18+ hours of work to finish. It could have been smoother, but I kind of like its sketchy appearance.

Side note not related to the drawing, a good friend got me Wrath of the Lich King, so I've made a little time to play it since I got it. Kasxa my paladin his lvl 71 this morning, and my deathknight Casuka is level 58! And thats not really playing much since I havent had a lot of time.

Hope everything is well with everyone else.
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Our first Rag kill. Our First Molten Core Clear. I feel like I won the fucking lottery guys.

Cut for big pictures :) )

WoW stuff

Apr. 20th, 2006 12:56 pm
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Alright I feel good!

Made it to Level 49 with Rezia last night. Got me a Sprite darter pet, which ahs me ever so happy. I even posted a picture of it today on the forums for the guild (

I had a long talk with one of the GMs last night and we got to know each other a little better, got out some frustrations and resolved to throw around some ideas.
I made a Google Group for the officers in the guild (I usually use Yahoo but wingus requested I use google groups, it was an easy setup so far i like it) so we can discuss things and perhaps come up with some ideas and plans that would benefit everyone in the guild.

For a little while I was getting disillusioned to the guild, i even thought of quitting for a while because of my frustration. Not anymore, i want to make it the bst guild we possibly can. I know I'm a low rung officer, but just being an officer I want to get my ideas out there and discussed and let people know how I feel some things could be done better.

anyway enough of the WoW rant.


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